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Children model their teachers and it is important to always portray your best self when in the presence of a child. A proper nanny that is professional, loving, and smart is key to a working household. 

history on the fancy nanny

Bonjour! I am Karla, or better known as the Fancy Nanny around town. I have been a Professional Nanny for multiple families for almost 8 years. I also partake in consulting for both nannies and families embarking upon the process of finding someone special to join in on the undertaking of raising children. I am known as the Fancy Nanny because I only accept the best of the best and approach life with a simplistic but edgy attitude that includes the highest of ambitions, joy, and respect for all. With a touch of elegance, fantastic manners, and duel languages I have helped raise many wonderful children into even more wonderful little adults. I can be seen around town typically toting twins in some Chanel shades. Say bonjour when you see me and I will happily wave back!

Est. 2009

-Karla Maria Issa-President, Founder, and proud Professional Nanny


Sept 24th 2005

Use this space as a mini weblog maybe .....

Sept 25th 2005

or maybe not!